CampaignStorm provides owners of small and medium-sized businesses an economical option for the creation and activation of effective marketing and advertising campaigns

CampaignStorm was envisioned by an experienced marketing and media professional to work directly with the owners and managers of small to medium-sized business who already recognize the value of advertising on Radio, TV, and in Print, but have a hard time convincing themselves to continue to invest in these mediums because of diminishing ROI, inadequate lead tracking, mundane messaging that sounds like every other business on the air, an ever increasing number of emerging platforms vying for their advertising dollars, and the lack of solid marketing advice and strategy from their media account executives whose only advice when taken to task for the lack of results delivered by the latest series of ads frequently seems to be “you need to spend more money so you can run more ads”.

CampaignStorm believes that you don’t need to buy more ads, you need to buy more effective ads.

CampaignStorm serves as the Marketing Department for your small to medium-sized business. Advertisers are already spending money on bad ads, by investing just a few more dollars and a lot more creative development they could be investing in campaigns that generate the results and leads that are key to growing their business. Better results means more profits for the advertiser and more renewals for the media companies.

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? CampaignStorm’s results-driven process includes working directly with the business owner to develop a custom marketing strategy roadmap that makes the development of advertising messages a snap because every decision can be weighed against the roadmap — does the message in the ad get you further down the agreed upon path or not? Your roadmap can be kept private for making decisions internally or it can be shared with your account executives at agencies and media companies to help them self-select on whether to submit a pitch to your business based on the roadmap criteria.

When CampaignStorm is working directly with an advertising client, we are also available to work with that client’s associated ad agencies as well as their favored media companies and account executives to help them get better advertising results by envisioning and activating “campaign thinking”, injecting solid client marketing strategy into the ads they are already buying on their platforms, and hold these entities accountable to their word on properly executing campaigns and delivering agreed upon results.

The CampaignStorm team can even review proposals on behalf of their client businesses and act as a filter for adhering to the roadmap. Does the pitch help move the client down their charted path? If so, the proposal gets passed to the business owner for consideration. If not, the account executive receives feedback on how to better meet the client’s criteria and has the chance to adjust and resubmit. It’s an effective way for business owners to reduce interruptions from lazy “pitch of the week” salespeople while making sure qualified account executives who’ve demonstrated the effort and initiative to help the client grow their business get a fair shot at having their proposals considered.

CampaignStorm Services like custom landing pages, customer surveys, autoresponder messages, email list management, digital downloads, web videos, and more can track and directly attribute lead response to the advertising outlets running your messages.

CampaignStorm is the answer to helping overworked business owners and managers who need better results from their advertising from a source that is media agnostic.

CampaignStorm doesn’t care which media platform you prefer to spend your advertising dollars, our goal is to get you the best results by creating reliable results-driven custom campaigns designed to bring you the results you want from the advertising partners of your choice.

Contact CampaignStorm for a free consult to see if there is an opportunity for us to work together and get your marketing and advertising performing at peak efficiency and creativity.

Don The Idea Guy
Professional Brainstormer, Marketing Geek, and Founder of CampaignStorm