Signature Services

CampaignStorm offers these unique consultative services to help your company plan for success, in advertising, marketing opportunities, and more.

CampaignStorm Idea Sessions

CampaignStorm Founder, Don The Idea Guy, is a professional brainstormer-for-hire available for just about any sort of idea generation project — everything from remote-based “solo-storming” to individual one-on-one sessions (conducted over cold-brew coffee or simply over cold brews), or more formal large or small group brainstorm facilitation events.

A CampaignStorm Idea Generation Session is a meet-up with the goal of generating ideas to build your business, increase sales, and spark solutions to your toughest business challenges. CampaignStorm sessions can also be used to devise implementation strategies for putting your own brilliant ideas into action.

You’re invited to bring one additional guest to aid in idea generation and help you capture the ideas we’ll be bouncing around. (Pick some one who writes fast!) or you can take notes yourself. To capture as many ideas as possible, I recommend using your phone’s audio recorder app — but if we meet via web conference we can provide you with a recording of our session at no additional charge.

CampaignStorm sessions last about two hours, but I’m usually willing to run a little over (based on availability) if you also have the time and the ideas are flowing.

Marketing Fourcast

Bring CampaignStorm on board to do a Marketing Fourcast for your company. We’ll spend one-on-one time with your team to uncover information about your business in four important quadrants: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This marketing matrix discovery process will enable you to more easily identify areas for growth, competition, and new opportunities for your company.

The Marketing Fourcast is the first step toward working together with your company and the valuable information it uncovers is helpful for your business planning whether you decide to work with CampaignStorm on a continual basis or go it alone.

Whether Report

Use the CampaignStorm Whether Report to decide “whether or not” you should say Hell Yes! or Hell No! to marketing and advertising proposals being offered for your consideration.

The Whether Report builds on the information we uncovered in your Marketing Fourcast and helps you chart a very specific course forward for your business. It’s essentially a custom decision tree to match against any pitches, proposals, and offers that are presented for your consideration.

When you have one of CampaignStorm’s Whether Reports in your hands it makes it easy to determine if any new or existing projects and opportunities are a match for your company’s plans and future roadmap for success. If it gets you closer to your goals you should consider moving forward, but if it takes you off your path and into the weeds you should say no and move on.

If you’d like more information about these two signature products, please contact CampaignStorm for details.