A few words from clients about Don The Idea Guy (founder of CampaignStorm).

I’ve worked with many different types of individuals throughout my broadcasting career, but none of them had even an ounce of the creativity of Don The Idea Guy. He has that certain spark of brainstorming brilliance that pushes everyone in the room to “level up”. His recipe for success is all at once inane, insane, manic, trailblazing, genius, absurd, creative and just downright gooey awesomness. I love to be around the guy any chance I get because, selfishly, I always leave with a great takeaway.
~ Todd Markiewicz, Vice President and Station Manager
RadiOhio Inc.

Don is brilliant…pure and simple. He is consistently at the forefront of new technologies in the digital space. I attended one of Don’s seminars early on when social media was going more mainstream for corporations. Using best practices from Don helped me position my company better than my competition, engage with our customers, and ultimately help us understand how to connect in the digital space in a meaningful way. Don is dynamic, CREATIVE (there should be a new category for this word and Don should own it), energetic, and dependable. He is a thought leader and a teacher. With Don’s brain at work for your company…you WILL see results.
~ Darcy Blessing, Marketing Director/Foundation Director
Orthopedic ONE

Don was our “print man” when we first consulted him to create a brochure… he quickly became our “marketing idea guy”, attending staff meetings and creating new print ads for our company. The thing I like best about Don is that he would listen to my ideas, and instead of dismissing them or putting me down, he would take my concept ideas, tweak them, and add his own professional touches. I have always been pleased with the results!
~ Jean Moffitt, Marketing Manager
Scope Aircraft Finance

Don was the Art Director at my company and helped me grow from $700K to over $2 Million in sales during his tenure. He was not only great working with clients, he also was extremely creative in designing marketing plans for our company. He is an extremely hard worker and his creativity is over the top.
~ Wayne Booker, Entrepreneur and Business Owner