Use “Storm Stacks” to Track Results

Ideas are Thunder. Action is Lightning.

I’m an unabashed champion of the fact creative ideas have value, but I know without a doubt that the value of an idea increases exponentially when it is put into action.

CampaignStorm utilizes a “Storm Stack” of mix-and-match tools, utilities, applications, and services that integrate with your campaign messaging and media selection in order to help track the results and leads that our clients have determined to be the benchmarks by which they will determine a campaign’s success.

A typical Storm Stack might include any combination of the following:

  • Landing Page
    Campaign-specific single page or microsite with a custom domain name that reinforces the advertising message and makes it easy for qualified leads to learn more. Using a landing page allows you to take your leads directly to the offer or product mentioned in your ads, rather than dumping them on the home page of your main site and hoping they’ll find their way to the offer before they lose interest and move on. Custom campaign domains also aid in message retention and audience recall of your ads.
  • Exclusive Content Downloads
    Perhaps it’s an discount coupon or a white paper, case study, checklist, ebook, audio presentation, video course, or something else that is designed to capture the interest of a media group’s audience and engages them to seek out this valuable content. All trackable and measurable to gauge the effectiveness of your message and the ROI of your campaign.
  • QR Codes
    These scannable codes once baffled the general public, but with the advent of their use at restaurants during COVID restrictions have led to their continued adoption and use among businesses and consumers. Using a QR code in Print or Television campaigns makes it virtually one-click simple to prospects more information about an offer that interests them. These mobile-scannable barcodes don’t just provide links to web pages and PDF menus, they can also initiate a follow to your social media account, trigger a video or audio file to auto-play, send emails, share images, and even initiate payments for transactions. Multiple unique QR codes can be used in a single campaign to track results from each media platform ad schedule you initiate.
  • List Building
    The philosophy of CampaignStorm is that one of the goals of any marketing campaign is to invite members of the media company’s audience to become members of the advertiser’s audience. The most effective and efficient means of doing this is to ask for permission to continue the conversation via email. Invite leads to signup for your list in return for an offer of value (perhaps one of the Downloads mentioned above) and then deliver what you promised with a sound strategy for staying in contact and delivering additional value on a regular basis.
  • Sequenced Messaging
    Once a person gives permission for you to stay in touch, having an automated sequence of 3-5 emails scheduled to send to new list signups is a phenomenal way to keep an advertiser’s brand and offer in front of the lead during the timeframe in which the prospect is most interested. Advertisers can actually do harm to their reputation and the first impression they make with a new lead if they wait too long to reach out or let too much time elapse between communications. CampaignStorm makes it easy for advertisers to get a head start in their new relationship and even offer turnkey ongoing email list management if needed.

The words “Chain Lightning” are used to describe lightning that appears to move very rapidly in a long angular, zigzag, or forked direction. This is similar to the path a potential customer takes when they have a need or discover a new interest; they’ll do quick research and find information by jumping from one platform to another. This is why CampaignStorm incorporates Storm Stack elements into marketing campaigns whenever possible.

Imagine a Radio listener hears a spot promoting a Roofing Company. They are instantly reminded that they really should get someone to take a look at their roof before the season changes. The spot promised a free inspection if they scheduled their appointment at so they go to check it out.

While they are on the page they see several customer reviews and click to read them. There is also a video of the Roofing Company owner on top of a roof pointing out the things to watch out for older roofs and a link to download a “5 Point Roof Checklist”, along with a scheduling tool where the prospective customer can pick their own convenient date and time for a visit from the Roofing Company professional.

Each of those clicks of interest are examples of “chain lightning strikes” that are part of the overall campaign to engage that individual Media lead and draw them further into a communication loop with the company investing in advertising, but until CampaignStorm the business owner would have to go to perhaps a half dozen or more disparate freelancers or production houses to connect all those elements into a single cohesive and comprehensive marketing campaign.

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